Can Christmas Cards Be Recycled?

December 16, 2022 3 min read

Can Christmas Cards Be Recycled?

If you are wondering, can Christmas cards be recycled? Then we’ve got the answers for you. The short answer is yes, Christmas cards can be recycled. However, there are some limitations. Certain materials and decorations on Christmas cards cannot be recycled. So, today we’ll take you through which Christmas cards can and can’t be recycled easily. 

Which Christmas Cards can’t be recycled?

So, which Christmas cards can’t be recycled? Generally, when we are talking about recycling greeting cards, we look for simple paper and card products. Ones that don’t have lots of additional parts or non-recyclable materials. So, here are some of those pesky items that can’t be recycled on traditional Christmas cards. 

  • Extra Decorations. If your Christmas cards feature glitter, non-paper 3D elements, ribbons or any other plastic items, they cannot be recycled. C It’s these materials that stop Christmas cards from being recyclable. 
  • Foil and film. While receiving a luxury-looking Christmas card with a foil decoration can be lovely, these details can also stop them from being recyclable. Christmas cards often feature many gold and silver elements, but they are typically made from plastic. 
  • Packaging. When you buy Christmas cards to send to your loved ones, you may discover the cards are recyclable, but the packaging is not. Many single cards are sold in a protective sleeve, while boxes of cards can often have a plastic see-through front. In this case, it seems almost pointless they are recyclable cards if the packaging is still part of the problem. 

Which Christmas Cards Can Be Recycled?

Now you know what to avoid, it’s time to look at what stunning Christmas cards can be recycled easily. 

  • Recyclable. Of course, the obvious thing to look for is whether a card is recyclable or not.  The outer packaging and the back of the Christmas card will usually show a recyclable symbol on the back. You can also look for theWRAP Recycling symbol. WRAP help companies manage resources efficiently and minimise waste by shifting towards a more circular economy.
  • Uses only paper or card. What makes a Christmas card recyclable is the fact it is made purely from paper or card. Most cards will say what they are made from on the back, so check here to see the materials.Our cards are made from bamboo and cotton linters, which are completely recyclable in your household paper recycling bin. The same goes for the envelopes and card boxes the Christmas cards come in.
  • Plain and simple design. Let the design do all the talking and keep the over-the-top glam to a minimum. As we said above, while gold and glitter might be lovely, that sparkle can make it impossible to recycle Christmas cards. Choose simple designs which focus on beautiful illustrations and stylish images. A bit like ourPanda Christmas cards ;)

Choosing Recyclable Christmas Cards

Choosing recyclable Christmas cards is easy when you know where to look. And I bet you’ve already guessed it, here at Panda Joy! All of ourChristmas cards can be recycled so your loved ones will receive a joyful card they can keep forever or safely dispose of. We can produce 100% recyclable cards because; we only use natural paper, no toxic dies, no plastic and the cards are fully biodegradable.  Our friendly human designers love to capture us pandas in our best light, so they focus on simple designs that showcase our joyful antics.