So, who are we, what’s our story?
So, who are we, what’s our story?

Eco-Friendly Card Company

Welcome to Panda Joy, an eco friendly card company that takes our green commitment serious. We have one mission in life, and that is to spread joy sustainably! We do this through our joyful designs, our eco-friendly products and giving back to people and the planet however we can. Read on to learn about our story and why we put joy into everything we do.

Panda Joy: Our Story

So, who are we, what’s our story?

We are a family of four based in Oxfordshire and the creators of Panda Joy, an eco-friendly card company. Panda Joy®™ was born out of our shared love for design, craft, animals and sustainability; we live for eco-friendlier and more sustainable products. Our brand name, Panda Joy®™, pays homage to bamboo, the raw material we use for our cards, the manner in which we want to do business and the feeling we want to share with you.

It all started during the pandemic, when we saw the ritual of sending greeting cards skyrocket as a way to ignite a moment of happiness, say thank you and stay connected with loved ones. But sending cards has become something everyone almost takes for granted, and we never stop thinking about the impact this relatively small action can have on the planet.

More than 1 billion Christmas cards are thrown in the bin every year – and that’s just Christmas cards, not counting any other occasion cards. To us, this didn’t seem like the right way to be spreading Joy.

So, we asked ourselves as a family, “What can we do today to positively impact the environment and its communities? Can we afford to do nothing? What kind of world do we want to leave to our children?” Along came Panda Joy®™ during one of our family craft sessions. We have a big vision and an even bigger mission to develop a product and an idea that would not just contribute to the preservation of the planet but also have a positive impact on the communities that live on the planet.

500,000+ Trees are chopped down every year to produce greeting cards!

That’s roughly 10,00 acres of forest, all lost! But it doesn’t have to be this way! Join us in saving and preserving our treasured planet and building a world full of joy with eco-friendlier greeting cards that won’t leave a trace.

Green icons saying Bamboo + Cotton = 100% Tree Free more eco-friendly greeting cards. 0% Deforestation (we promise)
Green icons saying Bamboo + Cotton = 100% Tree Free more eco-friendly greeting cards. 0% Deforestation (we promise)

Green Greeting Cards and a Sustainable Brand

From the outset, we wanted our product and brand to be climate positive and community sustainable to allow people to share Joyful moments without the guilt of harming the environment. Having learned that in the UK, more than 33% of paper cards are, in fact, not recycled, that it takes 5-15 years for paper to a breakdown in landfill and that billion+ Christmas cards are estimated to be burned or dumped in landfill every year, it seemed an obvious choice to create a sustainable greeting card product to make a difference.

Our brand motto, Naturally more Sustainable, Naturally Joyfuller®™ sums up what our brand stands for. We like the word Joyfuller, even if it's not one most people have used much – it dates back to Old English times, meaning 'more joyful.' Joyfuller has a much better ring to it, don't you think?

And our unique Joyful panda character has a distinct personality, which is reflected in each design through joyful illustrations and fun colour accents. Their unique aesthetic will make any occasion much Joyfuller®™. Plus, you are safe in the knowledge that you’re helping to save the planet at the same time.

Our Tree-Free Cards

So, what about the cards? What makes our greeting cards sustainable? What makes us different? why is bamboo more sustainable than paper? We’ve got a real drive to share joy sustainably.

Our greeting cards are made of 75% bamboo, 25% cotton linters and 100% Joyfulness. Thus making them truly sustainable and eco-friendly with the utmost guarantee that no trees are harmed in making the cards. Our greeting cards are also joyfully designed and printed in the UK.

Your first thought might be: “What about the Pandas? Don’t they need the bamboo that you use?” Rest assured that the bamboo we use to make our greeting cards is not a food source for pandas. So, you can spread Joy with our cards without any guilt over destroying the habitat of these precious animals!

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