Panda Joy Tree-Free Cards UK: What Makes Our Cards Different?

100% Tree Free greeting cards; the magic of Bamboo and Cotton.

Panda Joy’s business model is built on promoting environmental and community sustainability by offering more eco-friendly products to share Joyfuller moments.

To this end, we made sure that the raw materials we use in our products do not have negative effects on the environment and its communities. Our greeting card stock is 100% Tree Free and Plastic Free.

Tree Free greeting card paper has been setting the standards for zero impact paper production on forests for many years. Panda Joy’s greeting cards are 100% Tree Free using 75% bamboo and 25% cotton linters. Both are renewable annual crops which yield high-quality fibres to give a natural tactile finish to the paper and excellent printability. To complete our sustainability story, Panda Joy’s Tree Free cards are recyclable, biodegradable and made using EKOenergy from a hydroelectric power station, a renewable energy source. Our tree free greeting cards also carry the FSC™ certification, which ensures that they are grown in sustainably managed forests.

Learn more about what makes our cards different below.

100% Tree Free

100% Tree Free Greeting Cards

Protecting native forests

Panda Joy's cards are 100% Tree Free with no tree pulp used in its production. They consist of 75% Bamboo and 25% Cotton Linters. Bamboo and Cotton are exceptional renewable resources, and with responsible plantation and mill management, they are the ultimate sustainable alternative to wood pulp.

Made from 75% Bamboo

Bamboo Card & Paper

Made from 75% Bamboo

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on the planet, stronger than steel, an impressive soil regenerator, CO absorber and oxygen producer. Bamboo has some incredible superpowers that most other plants don’t. This is an environmental super plant that has varied usage and is perfect for tree free greeting cards.

Bamboo is a renewable spontaneous giant grass that needs less pesticides, less water and less care than other plants. Using bamboo significantly reduce consumption of hardwood-made paper. Plus, bamboo is capable of growing more than one meter per day, making it the fastest growing plant on the planet. On average a pine tree might take 3 years to grow and ready to cut down, bamboo is grown and ready to be used after just 3-4 years.

Being a grass, bamboo help prevent soil erosion, captures a great quantity of Co2 which is four times higher than in traditional young forests by producing 35% more oxygen. Each planted hectare of bamboo is able to naturally subtract 1000 tons of CO2 and at the same time allow to obtain 2 cubic meters of material every year.

And 25% Cotton Linters.

Cotton Linters Cards

… And 25% Cotton Linters

Cotton Linters are the side kick to super bamboo. Panda Joy cards are partly made of cotton linters, 25% to be precise. Linters are the short fibres of the cotton found around the seed of the cotton plant. Normally, these are not used in the production of clothing due to their reduced length and are seen as pre-consumer waste for the textile industry, but a very useful precious resource for making Panda Joy’s greeting cards. So, we hated to see it go to waste.

The linter is detached from the cotton seed through a special operation; this is an important source of cellulose that is used for the production of viscose as an alternative to a wood pulp for the production of our cards. Not only does this help make tree-free greeting cards, it reduces the waste produced by the textiles industry, one of the biggest polluters on the planet.


Green Greeting Cards

Going green is easy with plastic free, biodegradable and acid-free paper

As Panda Joy's bamboo cards are plastic-free and acid-free, they are also biodegradable. This mean that they absorbed right back into the earth, for cleaner, safer soils. They are more friendlier to our planet and landfills, better for dirt quality and does not leave many unusable by products leftover during production.

Acid-free means that no nasty chemicals are used in the paper production and therefore no nasty chemicals reach our natural resources. We avoid any plastic in the manufacturing, packaging and shipping of our products to reduce landfill waste and not further damage the planet and its communities.


Recyclable Greeting Cards

Recyclable greetingcards that are more eco-friendlier

We are doing our part to preserve the environment. Even though our cards are biodegradable, they are also recyclable. Don't forget to do your part; if you cannot biodegrade our cards, please recycle them when you are finished with enjoying the joy they bring to you. And do give yourself a hug. 

Panda Joy’s greeting cards are more eco-friendly than most other traditional greeting cards. They are designed and produced to have no negative effect on the environment and its communities. Our brand and products are all about doing no harm and doing good.

FSC Certified

FSC Certified

Sustainably managedforests and protecting wildlife

Our paper mill manufacturer is FSC certified. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit organization that sets certain high standards to make sure that forestry is practiced in an environmentally responsible and socially beneficial manner. The bamboo and cotton linters we use for making of Panda Joy cards meet the required ethical production of the FSC. The bamboo and cotton are harvested from responsibly managed, socially beneficial, environmentally conscious and economically viable forests.

Made with  EKOenergy

Made with EKOenergy

Renewable Energy forproduction

As part of our commitment to the environment and its communities, we look for alternative solutions, including using by-products and sustainable raw materials to lower the ecological impact of our card production. The manufacturing mill that supplies our raw materials uses EKOenergy-labelled electricity for its sustainable paper production. EKOenergy is an ecolabel for renewable electricity. It is a not-for profit initiative of the EKOenergy Network, a group of more than environmental organizations from 3 countries.

Making paper in a paper mill normally requires a lot of energy, often sourced through dedicated co-generation and hydropower plants. Panda Joy cards are therefore produced using renewable and sustainable hydropower energy with the EKOenergy ecolabel to combine energy savings and environmental care.

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