Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Birthday Cards

November 18, 2022 3 min read

Eco-Friendly Alternatives To Birthday Cards

We have some fantastic eco-friendly birthday card alternatives to showcase today. Greeting cards are a wonderful way to celebrate someone's life. However, traditional greeting cards can hurt our precious planet, so you may look for alternatives to a conventional birthday card.  We’ve grouped our favourites into cards that double as pressies, unusual formats and green birthday cards. 

Eco-Friendly Birthday Cards & Alternatives

Check out these fantastic eco-friendly alternatives to conventional birthday cards. Add joy to your loved ones’ birthdays while showing the earth some love.

Cards as Presents

We often see greeting cards as disposable, but we think that’s a waste.A birthday card can be a keepsake to remind you of a special day or a lovely message from a friend. Here are some options for cards that double as a gift or memento. They are an eco-friendly birthday card alternative because it keeps gifts out of the landfill.


Photos make a fantastic birthday card alternative. We love to see smiling faces to remember our most important days and the friendships we’ve made. A photograph can speak a thousand words and be kept forever to remember the day you took the photo and the birthday it was given for. 

Pretty cards

While you may be looking for eco-friendly birthday card alternatives, simply choosing a beautiful greeting card can be the gift itself. Some fantastic artists and designers are out there, creating gorgeous birthday cards. Your birthday boy or girl can keep the card and hang it on their wall or a pinboard. A lovely reminder of a happy day to keep with them always. While we might be biased, we think our cards are cute enough to keep forever too. Our favourites at the moment include; the Special super Birthday Card, Birthday Flowers card and Birthday Hugs card.

A frame

If you are choosing a photo or pretty card to give, why not add a frame as part of your pressie? It’s an instant gift. Plus, the recipient doesn’t have to think about where to put the picture or get their own frame. Second-hand shops are excellent places to shop for photo frames. Again, they are a great way to boost the green aspects of your gift giving too. 

Digital And Video Messages

A traditional birthday card created from new trees in immature forests can damage our ecosystems. Instead, an eco-friendly birthday card alternative could be to send a digital card. While it’s not for everyone, it can reduce the carbon emissions of your gift giving. Plus, it’s the ideal memento for the birthday person who may be a bit of a minimalist. Alternatively, why not send a birthday video greeting? It’s easy to record a video on most modern smartphones these days, and the quality is normally fantastic. If your birthday loved or lives far away or you rarely see them, this can bring a little unexpected joy to their day. We are all about spreading joy!

Greener Alternatives To Traditional Birthday Cards

Of course, there’s nothing like receiving a beautiful birthday card full of lovely words on your birthday. If you still want to send a greeting card but want an eco-friendly birthday card alternative, here’s how to choose it.

Look for an eco-friendly card company that creates birthday cards using natural, non-toxic materials. Tree-free options are a great way to go as they use alternative plants such as bamboo and cotton instead of virgin tree forests. Alternatively, birthday cards from recycled paper are at least better than cutting down new trees. 

Another green aspect is choosing birthday cards that do not have additional materials to ensure they are fully recyclable. Glitter, metallic detail, and 3D designs can all contain microplastics which stop a card from being naturally biodegradable or fully recyclable. 

Research the materials, and you’ll be happy to buy an eco-friendly birthday card alternative to convention cards. It’s all about protecting our beautiful earth. But that doesn’t mean we can’t spread a little happiness while we are at it. 

Eco-Friendly Birthday Cards: An Alternative from Panda Joy

Oureco-friendly birthday cards are focused on sustainability but also joy! Featuring colourful designs of our cute pandas, we think they are good enough to frame! We take our sustainability mission very seriously and are always looking to improve our green credentials. After all, we have to protect the forests and this planet our pandas call home. Our eco birthdaycardsare 100% tree-free, plastic-free, and completely recyclable. Our paper mill manufacturer is FSC certified and usesEKOenergy-labelled electricity for its sustainable paper production. If you have any questions, check out our FAQ page. Or, to see our gorgeous designs head to the birthday cards.