Eco-Friendly Christmas Ideas

December 02, 2022 5 min read

Eco-Friendly Christmas Ideas

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings! We love this time of year and want to spread some winter joy in the Panda Joy way! Today, we’ll share our ultimate guide on eco-friendly Christmas Ideas that will make 2022 your greenest Crimbo yet. Unfortunately, a traditional Christmas can hurt the earth. But, with a few thoughtful tweaks, you can keep the joy without the enormous carbon footprint! Here’s how.

Green & Eco-friendly Christmas Ideas & Tips

We’ve split our green and eco-friendly Christmas ideas and tips into five sections. The decorations, Christmas trees, food and drink, gifting and traditions. We hope you find it full of eco inspiration for a jolly holiday this 2022. 

Green Decorations

Part of the joy of Christmas is all the beautiful decorations we get to see, both at home and around our neighbourhoods. Here’s how to keep your ornaments and embellishments green. 

  • Reuse what you have. Always look to reuse the Christmas decorations you already have. If you find them beautiful and they are perfectly safe to use, it’s time to get them down from the attic. 
  • Make your own. Creating your own decorations from natural and recyclable materials is a wonderful way to welcome the season. Paper, natural fabrics, flowers, plants, fruit and veg can all be used to craft stunning decorations that you can use for years to come. 
  • Lighting it up. Opt for LED fairy lights to add to the tree and other parts of your house. They use a lot less energy than traditional bulbs. Turn off all lights when you are not in the room to save energy.
  • Buy secondhand. You can find some beautiful decorations second-hand, whether online or in charity shops. You may be surprised to find baubles, banners, wreaths and even fake Christmas trees for sale. Saving items from landfill is essential.
  • Buy quality, not quantity. If you want to buy new ornaments for the tree, only buy a small amount each year. You can then buy better quality baubles that will last generations. Look for natural, plastic-free materials that are made in fairtrade environments. Quality over quantity is a great mantra to have for an earth lover!

The Great Tree Debate

There has been a lot of talk about what is better for the environment, artificial or real Christmas trees.  The short answer is the real deal is way better for our planet. Artificial trees are made from plastic and can pollute the planet in the process of making them. It also means they cannot be recycled and will eventually be placed in a landfill, potentially leaching toxic chemicals into our soil. 

While cutting down trees may not seem good for the earth at first glance, it can actually be very beneficial. Supporting FSC-certified forests ensures that trees are grown for the long term and are not chopped down until mature enough. These managed forests help protect other plants and animals who make it their home, improving biodiversity. A loved forest is something we pandas can certainly get behind! You can evenrent Christmas trees to be replanted after the holiday season. What a fantastic idea!

Seasonal and Sustainable Food & Drink

Next on the list is the big food shop. Did you know pandas can eat more than 38 kg of bamboo a day? So, you can guarantee we know what we are talking about when it comes to eating copious amounts of food! Here are some tips to keep your Christmas dinner and seasonal snacks eco-friendly. 

  • Eat more plants. Greenhouse gas emissions in kg of carbon dioxide equivalents per day are 7.19 for a meat-heavy diet compared with 3.81 for a vegetarian diet and 2.89 for a vegan. So, why not add more plant-based foods to your seasonal menu this year. 
  • Reduce food waste. 130 million Brussels sprouts, 77 million pigs in blankets and 90 million slices of turkey are wasted each Christmas in the UK. Plan your meals carefully and have a plan for leftovers too.Read more ways to avoid food waste this Christmas
  • Eat seasonally. Choose seasonal fruits, vegetables and animal products to keep your Christmas dinner in season. Bonus points for locally grown produce.
  • Quality options. More is less sometimes. If you can afford it, why not buy organic, free-range or fairtrade this Christmas? There are great benefits to both the planet and the people who grow and make our food.


Eco Greeting Cards, Wrapping & Gifting

Who doesn’t enjoy the excitement of running to see what Father Christmas left? Here’s how to keep your present giving green with eco greeting cards, wrapping and gifts. 

  • Eco-friendly cards. We send millions of cards over December, and most are thrown away come January 1st. Choose the best eco-friendly greeting card options you can. Tree-free, plastic-free, recycled, recyclable and biodegradable options are perfect for a more eco-friendly choice. Check out our range ofeco-friendly Christmas cards
  • Green wrapping paper options. Instead of plastic, glittery paper, why not wrap gifts in brown craft paper and decorate them yourself with natural elements? Plastic-free tape is another way to keep gift wrapping green. You can also choose to use reusable items like scarves, bags and fabric wraps.
  • Sustainable gifts. Choose green gifts for friends and family. Experience days, tickets and vouchers are minimalist gifts for the person with everything. Second-hand items are just as good as brand new and usually a bargain too. Consumable gifts are always a welcome Christmas present, and you know they will be used.  There are many options out there to gift with thought without damaging the earth with overconsumption.
  • The gift of love. We are all about spreading joy where possible; sometimes, gifts can be as simple as helping someone out. Why not gift people vouchers for an act of kindness, like hours gardening, cleaning or cooking? The focus of Christmas should be about sharing this time with those you love and not how many boxes are under the tree. 

Traditions and Celebrations

The holiday season is about celebrating the end of the year and sharing in traditions with loved ones. So, we wanted to share a few eco-friendly Christmas ideas that will spread some joy

  • Go for a walk. This is an excellent green activity for everyone in the family. Whether you do it on Christmas day, boxing day or any time in December, you can enjoy a winter nature walk. It’s free, good for your health and has zero impact on our planet. 
  • Spread joy next year. If you are in the mood to make new year's resolutions, why not promise to spread more green joy in 2023? You could commit to volunteering for a green community project, join an allotment or start gardening at home. 
  • Donate to charity. While we are busy buying gifts for our nearest and dearest, why not add the earth to your list? There are plenty of tremendous charities out there where you can donate to their cause. Plant a tree, adopt an animal or fund a climate project. 

When we work together, we can do truly incredible things!  

Celebrate an Eco-friendly Christmas with Panda Joy

We hope our readers and customers have a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful winter season. Make sure to order youreco-friendly Christmas cards early, so you don’t miss out. And we’ll see you all in the new year!