Happy Birthday to you! Attention Back to Me!

Well, we know it’s your Birthday but that doesn’t mean you get to hoard all the attention. Here is your birthday card, let’s celebrate another year, wish you a happy birthday, grab some cake and get the attention back to me! This card is perfect for the attention hoarding person in you life; Its guaranteed to put a smile on their face.

Paper stock: Tree Free Bamboo Natural. 150mm Square 380gsm / A6 300gsm

Envelope: Tree Free Bamboo Natural

Message: Blank inside for your own joyful message

Size: 150mm Square and A6

Origin: Designed and made in the UK

Our 100% tree-free, bamboo greeting cards are made sustainably in the UK, using bamboo and cotton linters, so that we can take one more step towards healing the planet and its communities. 

1/3 of our profit will go toward environmental and community good to help spread the Joy even further.

Naturally more sustainable, naturally Joyfuller®™