Are Christmas Cards Environmentally Friendly?

October 14, 2022 4 min read

Are Christmas Cards Environmentally Friendly?

With estimates of between 150 million and almost a billion Christmas cards sent each year in the UK, are Christmas cards environmentally friendly when we send so many? Today, we’ll explore why some Christmas cards aren’t so great for the environment and which options are more eco-friendly. While many reasons go into estimating the environmental impact of a product, for Christmas cards, It’s mainly down to the materials. So, read on to find out how you can buy Christmas cards that are more environmentally friendly. Plus, what to avoid to keep people, the planet and us pandas safe!

Why Aren’t All Christmas Cards Environmentally Friendly

Christmas cards have had a bad reputation for being not so environmentally friendly. This comes from the materials used as well as the waste they make.

Firstly, many cards are made from trees, using wood pulp. This precious resource is being used rapidly in all sorts of industries. Felling trees for cards is common in the greetings card sector, but we need those forests to maintain biodiversity and keep carbon in the soil. Animals worldwide live in unique natural woodlands that provide so much to our planet. It makes us sad to see them destroyed when there are better options out there!

Secondly, many decorations and design elements used for Christmas cards can feature glitter, metallic details and lots of glue. Unless they come from natural products, they are usually plastic, which we really don’t like! Not only does the production of these plastics cause manufacturing air pollution, but it also makes Christmas cards impossible to recycle for you at home.

Furthermore, even with an environmentally friendly Christmas card, if it is not correctly disposed of, it will likely end up in a landfill. This adds to hazardous gases being produced, and the soil is damaged. It is also a tremendous waste of a precious resource, which could have been reused or recycled, saving materials and energy. So let’s get on board with the three Rs; reduce, reuse, recycle!

Which Christmas Cards are Environmentally friendly?

Other factors may affect how environmentally friendly sending Christmas cards can be. Transport, manufacturing, and company practices can all be part of a Christmas card’s impact on the planet. All products have an effect, but it’s better to reduce it where possible and where you can do it. Here are some options to help you choose more environmentally friendly Christmas cards showing more kindness and joy in our world.

Recycled Christmas Cards

One of the most powerful changes in the industry in recent years has been from brands offering recycled or recyclable Christmas cards. These holiday cards are often made entirely from paper-based materials with no glitter, harmful glues or additional pieces that can’t be recycled. One of the most damaging things with greeting cards is the felling of trees to produce them. Therefore, reclaimed paper is an excellent way to keep reusing a resource and maintain healthy forests for us pandas and our fellow animal friends. Plus, if you can also recycle the Christmas card at home, we can make sure the paper is used again. Look for a recycled and recyclable label on the packaging or a product description on a website. You’ll be glad to know that Panda Joy cards are fully recyclable. 🙂

Tree Free Christmas Cards

One step further for those who want to avoid trees in their Christmas cards entirely is to find tree-free options. Whilst recycled wood pulp options are excellent, avoiding cutting forests down altogether should be the goal. Tree-free Christmas cards are made from other plant-based materials, which are more sustainable than hardwoods and softwoods. At Panda Joy, we use 100% tree-free cards and paper. We use 75% bamboo and  25% cotton linter. Bamboo is faster growing, absorbs more CO2 and produces more oxygen than traditional woods used for paper. Cotton linters are the short threads of the cotton plant flower. Cotton linter is often discarded as manufacturers cannot use them in textile making. The cotton may be softer than our panda fur, but we think we’re a cuter ball of fluff. Look for tree-free paper for a more eco-friendly Christmas card option.

Plastic-free Christmas Cards

Another way to make your Christmas cards environmentally friendly is to avoid plastic. While it may feel like the fun is in the sparkle; glitter and 3D designs are often created from plastics. You can make your Christmas cards environmentally friendly by using non-toxic inks and colourings. Look for plastic-free on the packet, or use judgment on extra adornments. We think less is more when looking fabulous, so why can’t it be the same with some joyful Christmas cards too?

Charity Cards & Non-profit Donations

Materials make a notable difference to a Christmas card’s environmentally friendly credentials. However, we want to look at the broader picture. We spend a lot on holiday cards each year, so why not use that spending power for good? Select Christmas cards that support charities that advocate for environmental changes and protect the planet. It’s just one way to make your Christmas cards positively impact the world. Likely, eco charities’ Christmas cards will already have excellent card materials with minimal environmental impact. But, by choosing them, you can have an even more significant effect through their work. For example, at Panda Joy, we donate a third of our profits to environmental and community charities that improve the world.

Eco-friendly Christmas cards from Panda Joy

Are our joyful Christmas cards environmentally friendly? Why not read about the materials we use to reduce our impact on the planet? Our eco-friendly Christmas cards are 100% Tree Free, being made from 75% bamboo and 25% cotton linters, meaning no impact on forests. They are recyclable, biodegradable, acid and plastic free. Our paper mill manufacturer is FSC certified and uses EKOenergy produced from renewable hydroelectric power. We are committed to improving our environmental impact. Panda joy will always offer Christmas cards that are as environmentally friendly as possible. What are your favourite eco-friendly Christmas tips? Let us know on our social pages.