Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Ideas

October 21, 2022 4 min read

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Ideas

Are you looking for some fun, eco-friendly birthday party ideas? We’ve got a joyful guide on how to make your birthday party more environmentally friendly.  Hopefully, this will help take some of the stress out of the planning. Plus, we hope to give you plenty of ideas to make your next birthday party a super duper success whilst still being sustainable. 

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Options & Ideas

Birthdays are a time to celebrate our lives and loves. We love a party at Panda Joy HQ but don’t think we should compromise on our eco credentials while having fun. Here are our top ideas on making sure your birthday party is eco-friendly and better for the planet. 

Eco Birthday Party Decorations

One of the biggest concerns people have with their birthday parties is the potentially harmful or wasteful nature of party decorations. But, fear not, we are here to help. 

What To Avoid

Firstly, let's lay out some of the big birthday party polluters and then we’ll showcase some alternatives. Now there may be more environmentally friendly options to these, but traditionally, these decorations haven’t been great for the earth. For example, most party balloons are made from natural rubber but are often dipped in chemicals to keep them airtight. When they fly off into the world, they will not biodegrade and can also be mistaken for food by animals. Which, of course, could make them very poorly or kill them.  Not to mention,we are running out of Helium, and we shouldn’t be using it for party decorations. 

The decorations to avoid includes balloons (especially foil ones made from Mylar plastic), party poppers, fireworks, and plastic & glittery decorations.  Some of these are bad for the planet because of how they are made or the materials used. Others, it’s because they cannot be recycled or disposed of in any meaningful way. One way to combat this is to choose birthday party decorations that are natural in source, can be reused repeatedly, or can be recycled.

Eco-Friendly Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Here are some alternative eco-friendly birthday party decorations which can fill a space with joy and keep the earth happy. For more natural options, some of which can be used again and again, we love;

  • Using fruits, vegetables and flowers (dried or fresh) to fill a room with colour. Just make sure you use the food up for your following fantastic recipe.
  • Paper decorations such as streamers, lanterns and banners from made from FSC-certified materials or are tree free. Plus, they can be reused or recycled when no longer needed.
  • Bunting and banners that are made from natural fabrics. These are great to reuse time and time again. A great alternative to balloons.
  • Candles are a great way to bring some ambience to an adult birthday party (They are potentially a bit risky for children’s birthday parties). Select natural candles made from coconut, soy or beeswax and avoid paraffin.
  • For a safer alternative to candles, opt for fairy lights or other reusable lights. They can be used for other parties and Christmas, making them an ideal eco-alternative. Bonus points if you are with a renewable energy supplier. 

Sustainable Party Food & Drink Options

We’ve got to admit that we think food is what makes a party! We are hungry pandas, after all. So, what are some eco-friendly birthday party ideas for food and drink? We’ve put together some options and tips which are more sustainable.

  • Make it yourself. While it might not be possible for everyone, making party snacks and cakes from scratch can be better for the planet and your pocket. When you use essential ingredients rather than buy premade options, you usually reduce the packaging and find recyclable packaging options for whole foods.  Plus, we think homecooked food always tastes the yummiest. 
  • Shop sustainably. You may not think party food options are particularly sustainable, but it’s easy to pick a few choices that have more beneficial impacts on the environment. You could consider a few options: buying food in season, choosing local produce and drinks producers or opting for organic. 
  • Get food your guests love. Food waste is another big issue when it comes to events, so choose party food you know your fellow partygoers will definitely eat. This can be a little bit tricky with kids' parties, but asking parents ahead of time can help with the planning. Of course, make sure it’s food you love to eat too! So,  if there are any leftovers, you are happy to scoff the lot for the rest of the week. Yum! 

Eco-Friendly Cards & Gifts

Another factor in eco-friendly birthday party ideas is the gifts and the cards. Here are a few ideas if you are the giver but also something to consider if you are the birthday girl or boy. 

  • If it’s your birthday, why not ask people for more eco-friendly cards or gifts? If they know being green is important to your celebrations, they’ll be more than happy to get you a present to match your love for the planet. A wish list can ensure you get precisely what you want instead of something you end up giving away or chucking out. 
  • If you are buying a gift for someone else, why not consider how you can make it more eco-friendly? Of course, buying something they genuinely want or need ensures the gift isn’t bought just for the sake of it. But why not go a step further? Second-hand is excellent for a bargain and something unique. An experience like tickets or vouchers is another fantastic option. 
  • Another way to be more mindful and green with your gift giving is to useeco-friendly birthday cards and wrapping paper. Choose natural paper materials that have been recycled, are tree-free or can be recycled easily at home. Another alternative is to use reusable materials for gift wrappings such as gift bags and boxes or fabric like a scarf. It will undoubtedly add a luxurious touch!

Eco-Friendly Birthday Cards from Panda Joy

If you’d like to explore sustainable cards, have a look at our range of eco-friendly birthday cards. Featuring us joyful pandas, our tree-free, plastic-free, bamboo and cotton linter cards are an excellent eco-friendly alternative to traditional birthday cards. Plus, don’t you think we pandas will put a smile on the birthday person's face?