Eco Greeting Cards And Gifts For Christmas 2022

November 04, 2022 4 min read

Eco Greeting Cards And Gifts For Christmas 2022

Enjoy our 2022 Christmas guide on eco greeting cards and green gifts for the holiday season. We love the holidays and are looking forward to some frolics in the snow! We’ve included our favourite eco greeting cards from our range and selected some awesome green gifts. We’ve also included some eco-friendly options for wrapping up your planet-friendly presents. So, you can make your Christmas joyful and green this 2022! 

Our Favourite Eco Greeting Cards And Gifts For Christmas 2022

We can feel the holiday spirit bubbling away, and we are excited to share some Panda Joy this Christmas! 

Eco Greeting Cards for Christmas

We love sending eco greeting cards to celebrate Christmas and winter. We think ours are particularly eco for the occasion. All our greeting cards are 100% tree-free, made from sustainable bamboo and cotton linter. Plus, they are plastic-free, fully recyclable and biodegradable. Furthermore, for every order placed, we plant one tree withEcologi. Planting trees helps preserve our planet and its communities. In this case, it’s a simple way to spread a little more joy. 

Our panda joy range

Our eco greeting cards feature our cute, cheerful panda, the hallmark of Panda Joy. We offer a selection of eco Christmas greeting cards, some with traditional messages and others with more alternative greetings.  Here are some of our favourites.

  • Merry Christmas. 
    • Happy Panda, Christmas decorations - Say a very Merry Christmas to your loved ones with this card featuring Christmas decorations to be envious of.
    • Two Joyful Panda Snowman - Two Pandas looking Joyfuller and ready to give away their sustainable gifts. A happy and Joyful way to tell your friends ‘Merry Christmas.’ 
    • It's Christmas - Perfect for the Scrooges who need a reminder that it’s Christmas! Panda is sure to spread Joy wherever they go, even to the least festive among us.
  • Seasons Greetings
    • Season’s Greetings from Panda Joy and Panda Joy’s mini-me
    • 12 Pandas make Christmas Joyfuller - Four Pandas not enough? Try 12! There’s no better way to say ‘season’s greetings’ than with a card full of festive Pandas to help bring in the 12 days of Christmas.
  • Winter Joy
    • Panda Snowman! - Let is snow this Christmas
    • Winter joy, Christmas wishes. Lastly, Spread a bit of Joy this winter with our Winter Joy card – featuring not one but four different Pandas enjoying a snowy Christmas.

Favourite Eco Gifts for Christmas

Here is a fantastic collection of eco gifts for Christmas this year. When choosing a greener gift, always pick something your friends and family will love. There’s no point in buying gifts just for the sake of it. Make sure it will truly bring some joy to their lives!

Experiences and vouchers

The perfect gifting alternative to the endless stream of wrapping and shopping in December. Choosing experiences, vouchers or tickets is a fantastic gift for the eco guru or minimalist in your life. You can also enjoy it at another point in the year, not just at Christmas. So, it’s something to look forward to for the next year.

Second Hand 

You can find all sorts of unique gifts at second-hand and charity stores. Anything second-hand is a fantastic eco-friendly gift because it’s being used and not in a landfill. From clothes to books, artwork and housewares, you can find the ideal present for someone on your nice list!  Just make sure that you give anything you buy a good clean or wash beforehand, to make sure it’s perfect for opening on Christmas day!


Buying food and drink is an excellent idea for an eco gift. Instead of cluttering their house with odds and ends, it’s likely to be something they actually use up. Of course, you get added bonus points if you buy local, seasonal products. Supporting your local shops and producers is a fantastic way to reduce transport emissions and help people in your community.

Best Eco Wrapping Options

Don’t forget about how you package your eco gifts and cards. Here are the best eco wrapping options to make your Christmas day extra green.

  • Recycled and recyclable wrapping paper. In the UK, we use 227,000 miles of wrapping paper each year. Over 83km2 of this will end up in our bins. The first thing to do is swap to recycled options and, most importantly, recyclable alternatives, both of which will reduce waste in the landfill. The same goes for eco greeting cards, which should be recyclable, including the envelope.
  • Reusable wrapping option. Why not go one step further and wrap gifts in a reusable item? Scarves, gift bags, fabric wraps and other clothing items can be used to present your gift and be part of the gift as well. Win-win! 
  • Plastic-free tape. Lastly, If you use more traditional wrapping paper, why not secure it with plastic-free tape? Most adhesive tapes, like Sellotape, are made from plastic and can’t be recycled. Plastic-free tape is usually made from paper and natural adhesives. Of course, this means you can easily recycle it at home in your paper and cardboard recycling. 

It’s little changes like this that can make a world of difference. 

Buy Panda Joy Eco Greeting Cards for Christmas 

We hope this year is a fantastic Christmas season for everyone! If you want to see our fun and cheerful range of eco greeting cards for Christmas, check out ourSustainable Christmas Cards section. We love to spread winter joy with our panda friends. Find out more about the Panda Joy range, our cards and thecharities you support with each order.