Ways To Say an Environmentally Friendly Thank You

October 28, 2022 5 min read

Ways To Say an Environmentally Friendly Thank You

Say an environmentally friendly thank you to someone who made your day. We've got the answer if you want to spread a little joy right now! We’ve put together a great list of the top eco-friendly alternatives to say thank you. If you wish to show appreciation for someone for a gift, coming to an event, or just to say a few kind words about what they mean to you, a thank you is a powerful thing. 

Say Thank You In An Environmentally Friendly Way

Being grateful can have a tremendous, positive impact on your mental health and well-being.Evidence suggests that gratitude can boost energy, improve sleep and reduce depression.Plus, appreciation can increase optimism and social connection, two of the most significant predictors of long-term happiness. So, why not start your gratitude journey today by saying an environmentally friendly thank you to the person you are most grateful for?

Environmentally Friendly Thank you Cards

Sending a thank you card is, of course, the simplest way to express your gratitude to someone or about something. But, you don’t want to put a damper on your love if your recipient is an eco-warrior. Unfortunately, many traditional thank you cards are not the best for the environment, so it’s a good idea to chooseenvironmentally friendly thank you cards that will make them and the earth joyful. 

If you want to ensure your thank you card gets the eco stamp of approval, here are some material and buying options to look out for.

  • Pick sustainable materials. Tree-free, recycled paper, bamboo, hemp, cotton and other natural fibres make a great alternative to thank you cards made from virgin wood pulp and have plastic as part of their construction.
  • Support independents and non-profits. Many smaller card creators specialising in environmentally friendly thank you cards are also dedicated to improving their broader environmental impact. Look for an eco-friendly card company with FSC certification, a carbon neutral rating (or is carbon negative) or one that donates profits to environmental causes or charities. 
  • Ensure it can be disposed of - Choosing natural fibres for your thank you card will allow it to be disposed of correctly. However, check it is recyclable first. One thing to avoid is excess decorations that may contain microplastics. These can make it hard to recycle cards. 

We think a simple thank you card is best. Use your words to express your gratitude. It’s definitely the Panda Joy way!  

Sustainable Gifts That Say Thank You

If it’s an environmentally friendly thank you gift you’d like to give, we’ve got some neat ideas.

Sustainable gift-giving should be thought about from a few perspectives; 

  • Is the gift made in a way that has little environmental damage? 
  • Does it support a business or charity that is committed to environmental protection?
  • Lastly, Is it something the recipient will truly love, can use for a long time and/or dispose of it correctly at the end of its life? 

With these in mind, these are some of our favourite, panda-approved gift ideas to say thank you.

Flowers & Plants

Nothing says thank you like a bouquet. You may think it’s the greenest gift out there, but here are a few options that are better than your usual petrol station posies. Choose flowers that are grown in the UK and are in season now; this reduces transport emissions and growing energy.  If you can, Organic flowers ensure no harmful pesticides or fertilisers are used. Furthermore, some bouquet companies also have plastic-free ranges, so anything that comes with the gift can be recycled or composted!

Of course, we all know that flowers die eventually. But, with the proper care, a plant can last a lifetime (or at least longer than a few weeks, even for famed plant killers!). So giving a plant is a beautiful, environmentally friendly thank you gift. If it’s for their garden, opt for a native plant that will feed the bees and bugs. For houseplants, look for those raised in local nurseries. Furthermore, we’ll give you bonus points if you grow it yourself. 

Experience Days

There is a lot of stuff in the world! Sometimes the most environmentally friendly gift is not a product but a project. Experience days or event tickets can be a fantastic alternative for someone with everything. Choosing an event that is close to their home means they can travel by public transport or even walk. While there is always an environmental impact to events, it can be less than buying a physical item, especially if the recipient doesn’t really want or need it.

A Gift for the Planet on Their Behalf

Lastly, If you want to make your environmentally friendly thank you gift absolutely all about the planet, then a charity or non-profit gift is perfect. Some wonderful ideas include;

  • Plant a tree in their name. Companies likeEcologi offer tree planting as gifts, and you can plant from 100 to a whole forest of 100,000 trees (only if you feel flush, it’s £24,000!). AtPanda Joy, we plant a tree for every order placed.
  • Adopt an animal. A classic gift that children love. You can adopt wild animals to help preserve their habitat and bring them back from the brink of extinction. We know we are biased, but we hope you adopt a cute panda like us :) 
  • Donate to charity. A simple donation to an environmental charity in their name is a wonderful simple gift with a significant impact.  

In addition, these gifts are packaging-free.

Return the Love

To say thank you without spending a penny, why not return the love with action? Thank yous don’t always have to be grand gestures or lavish gifts. Offering to help out can also be as appreciated. A few things that are zero cost or close to zero include offering to;

  • Babysit children, care for those unwell or help elderly relatives while the person you’d like to thank takes a rest or gets something done for themselves.
  • Cook a meal or bring a homecooked dish round that can be quickly heated in the oven or microwave. Bring a bottle of their favourite tipple too. Make it green by using local or seasonal produce.
  • Clean the house or car or do some gardening. Sometimes the easiest of tasks can become overwhelming when you have so much to do.  

These little acts of kindness to say thank you will be appreciated. Plus, they are a way to say thank you with minimal impact on the planet.